In the Service

Many local Superior and Duluth men, and a few women, served abroad during the Great War. The local newspaper printed huge lists of the names of servicemen from Wisconsin, and reported when the first deceased military man’s body was brought back home. The Superior Telegram ran stories that included information from letters of sons overseas to their mothers in the Superior area, and printed articles on items to honor the veterans or active servicemen. Those who could not serve overseas worked to serve on the home front, organizing drives and buying bonds to help however they could.

WHS photo of war map in douglas county

This map of Douglas County, Wisconsin is a fragment of a larger map detailing locations of YMCA, Liberty Loan, and War Savings Stamps sites, along with Red Cross Chapters.1


Below are some photos of items owned by a current local resident. Photos were taken by Dara Fillmore. These items would have been in use during the war, including among other things a rifle, brass buttons, and a gas mask. Click to enlarge images.


1“Western Half of Douglas County, Wisconsin, Showing War-Related Organizations by Location.” Image, circa 1918. Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin.

2Images of World War I items taken by Dara Fillmore, 2014.